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Smart TV has arrived in a major way: HD movie streaming, catch-up TV, apps, browsing and social media, all on the biggest, best screen in the house. But Samsung's awesome ES8000 takes the concept even further...

Powered by broadband internet and video-on-demand, TV has evolved: what was once a passive activity is now fully interactive. Now, Smart TV lets you choose what to watch and when to watch it, free from the confines of a TV schedule. You can take your pick from a planet's worth of films and TV shows, plus web browsing, social media and more, served up through easy-to-use apps, rather than a handful of channels.

But a next generation TV experience deserves a next generation TV control method, right? Samsung's designers think so, which is why they've coined the phrase 'Smart Interaction' and equipped the new ES8000 with voice and motion control, and even face recognition. So rather than digging down the side of sofa for a remote, you can simply say "Hi TV, power on", along with a host of other easy-to-remember phrases. And browsing menus is as simple as holding your hand up to control an on-screen cursor.

Face recognition, meanwhile, uses a built-in camera to log you into your Smart TV account simply by looking at it. Seriously. How sci-fi is that? Even better, if you link it to your other accounts - including Facebook, Twitter and Google Talk - you can sign in to all of them one go, saving time and effort.
But Smart interaction is just one reason the ES8000 earned a coveted five-star review. Its considerable talents also extend to razor-sharp HD 3D and all the brilliant 'standard' Smart TV features that your current TV probably doesn't have.

Six Smart Reasons To Want An ES8000

Voice and motion control

let you adjust and access key features of the ES8000 and its Smart TV features using nothing more than your digits and dulcet tones.

The built-in camera

offers face-recognition skills and a simple one-step log in to all your accounts - plus you can make HD video calls using Skype.

Smart Hub

is the heart of Smart TV, giving super-fast access to online services, including catch-up TV apps like BBC iPlayer and HD movies streaming from Netflix.

Exclusive Signature Services

include Family Store for sharing pics and messages, a Kids service to entertain and educate young ones, and Fitness to keep you in shape.

Smart Evolution

technology effectively future-proofs the ES8000 by allowing you to install an 'Evolution Kit' of newer, more powerful components in years to come.

Explore 3D

brings you free 3D content such as documentaries, music videos and sports footage, while a real-time 2D-to-3D converter transforms regular TV and photos into stunning 3D.

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