EVGA GTX 660 Ti SC Graphics Card

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As reference as you're likely to get

Graphics card, EVGAPricing is such an important part of the graphics card war, the mere $32 separating the Asus and EVGA cards actually means a hell of a lot. When you're operating in such a saturated segment every penny counts. Like the Asus card, this Superclocked EVGA GTX 660 Ti is factory overclocked, but because of its policy of cherry-picking GPUs and leaving the reference cooling in place, the EVGA isn't clocked as high.

The card will still regularly top the 1GHz mark in-game, but the extra 65MHz at the base isn't really going to set the gaming world alight. And so it proves in benchmarks, with the EVGA resolutely coming in behind all the other GTX 660 Ti cards we've seen so far.

That's exactly what you would expect against the more expensive card from Asus, but there are also the Gigabyte and Zotac-shaped thorns in the EVGA card's side. Both cards are practically the same price as the EVGA, but come with higher base clocks among other things.

This also means that it sits behind the similarly priced vanilla AMD HD 7950 in most of tests - even more so if you bring the latest HD 7950 with Boost into the equation, with its own raised clock speeds. Things are pretty close in terms of regular gaming, but when you look at the more compute-focused titles the gap starts to look covernous.

Where EVGA stands out though is in its excellent support setup and the option to pick up a 10-year warranty for your new GPU. Still, it's the slowest of the current crop and can't make up for that deficit by being a few dollar cheaper.

Vital Statistics
Price $418 approx..
Manufacturer EVGA
Web www.evga.com
GPU Nvidia GK104
Base clock 980MHz
Boost clock 1,059MHz
CUDA cores 1,344
ROPs 24
Memory bus 192-bit

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