Best Gaming Mouse SteelSeries designed for Professional Gamers

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Best Gaming Mouse SteelSeries designed for Professional GamersThis best gaming mouse might have a bit of a mouthful of name, but it's made by a company that takes gaming very seriously. This isn't mouse for working on spreadsheets - it's been designed with input from professional gaming teams such as SK Gaming and Fanatic Team.

With it's licensed World of Warcraft mouse, its extra buttons and the ability to map commands and key presses to them makes it suitable for other MIMOs and plenty of RTS games too.

Best gaming mouse SteelSeries Ergonomics

The SteelSeries World of Warcraft MMO Best gaming mouse: Legendary Edition is ergonomically designed and feels comfortable to use, with all 11 buttons easily accessible. As much as the CM Storm Xornet is aimed at the 'palm' grip focused. When used with the fingertips, the SteelSeries buttons are far more resistive and tougher to press down. With the full hand rested on the mouse however, the extra leverage means that's not a problem.

On desk surfaces it doesn't feel as responsive as day-to-day optical mice do, so needs a mouse pad. While this might seem like a step backwards, if you're serious about PC gaming then you're going to want to have a gaming mouse pad. On a decent surface though, the precision and response of this mouse is excellent.

Looks-wise this isn't going to be to everyone's taste - especially if you're not much of a World of Warcraft fan. The glowing lights look good, although they're slightly pointless, and the lightning bolt design looks a bit cheap. But then if you're not a fan, you're not going to spend extra cash on the branding alone.

If you love World of Warcraft then you'll probably love best gaming mouse SteelSeries, but if you're more of a casual gamer you're better off choosing a less costly rodent.

Vital Statistics

Price SteelSeries $69 approx.
Manufacturer SteelSeries

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