Ducati Super Bike VS CRP Racing Bike

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Ducati 1199 Panigale

What do you call the most race-bred super-bike to come from a manufacturer renowned for its race-bred super-bikes? If you didn't guess 'Panigale', you didn't get it right. Delivering a knicker-wetting 195hp to a feather-light 165kg chassis, this beast has the highest power-to-weight ratio of any road-bike currently in existence, and with techie gizmos such as Ducati Electronic Suspension, Engine Brake Control and Ride-by-Wire you even have a decent chance of retaining your leg skin.


CRP Racing Energica

For really serious two-wheeled tech, though, you have to look at another Italian export. The 'Energica' is an entirely electric super-bike with a range of 150km. And if you're expecting a two-wheeled version of the thoroughly sensible Nissan Leaf, think again - this has been bred from the eCRP racing bike, and that etched exterior conceals 100KW PMAC synchronous motor that can propel it to a decidedly exciting 137mph.

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