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Samsung is out for Apple's blood, and with the Galaxy Nexus it might just get it. Not just because it's the first handset to carry Google's Ice Cream Sandwich OS, either - it's also down to it being both monumental in stature and massively powerful.
Build and styling
A thanks to its slimness and the fact that very little space on the front is devoted to anything other than screen, the Nexus doesn't feel as big as the specs tell us it is. It's nice but lacks the premium feel of the iPhone and we're not entirely enamored with the textured panel on the back.

Battery life
With that huge, bright screen it was expected the Nexus to really struggle to make its battery last, but it actually holds up pretty well. It won't outlast the iPhone or Lumia, so you'll still probably want to factor in a little charge time as part of our daily regime, but it's no more thirsty, either.

In use
Even with so many pixels to push, the 1.2GHz dual-core chip creates a totally satisfying Android performance. Transitions are stutter-free, web browsing is fluid, and embedded videos load near-instantly and play smoothly. Hap-tic feedback adds an extra layer of control to every prod.

The screen
At 4.64 inches across and with a 316 pixel-per-inch, 720p resolution (just shy of the iPhone's), the screen is a movie fan's delight. It's terrifically bright and colorful, too, but it still produces deep, dark blacks. If you're planning on buying a phone for web browsing, this is your guy.

The camera
First things first: the 13MP lens on front is used not only for video calling but also face recognition for unlocking the phone. That's cool. The 5MP snapper on the back is a bit less cool - in everyday situations it tends to be too bright or too dark. Fortunately, video is crisp and smooth.


Sennheiser MM400

The combo of nuanced sound, a foldable design and a mic and controls makes these Bluetooth Sennheisers the perfect Nexus accoutrement.

Philips Fidelio AS851

iPhone docks are ten a penny, but Android ones are seriously rare. This Fidelio side steps the thorny issue of dock connectors, using Bluetooth instead.

Case-Mate Pop

Tough plastic with grippable rubber sides: check. A choice of three fetching colors: check. This is a fine option for preventing the elements getting at your Galaxy Nexus.

5MP/1080p video
4.65 inches, 720x1280 pixels
1.2GHz dual-core
Data speeds
HSDPA 21Mbps, HSUPA 5.8Mbps

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