Corsair Vengeance M60 Mouse has the R.A.T finally met its match

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Corsair Vengeance M60 Mouse has the R.A.T finally met its matchCorsair has a pretty impressive pedigree in a number of fields. The company started out producing L2 cache modules, and is still the go-to guy for performance RAM such as the Vengeance and Dominator DDR3 ranges. In recent times we've seen speaker systems, power supplies, PC chassis and USB flash drives all bearing the Corsair name, and by large it's a mark of the highest quality.

Peripherals are the next step - high-end devices for the gamer who's prepared to pay a little more for a rugged build and enhanced usability. The Vengeance M60 FPS gaming mouse is a prime example of that - premium cmponents, eight-button functionality, and extras like adjustable DPI buttons and the mega-low DPI 'sniper' button that's becoming standard for gaming rodents.

The specs are impressive, but can Corsair really pull of a flawless debut into the gaming mouse market with the M60? Perhaps unsurprisingly, the answer is yes.

R.A.T. race

There are two mice in Corsair's fledling range. The M90 caters for the MMO gamer's needs, and as such sports 15 programmable buttons. The M60 sets its sights square and true on the first-person shooter aficionado, for whom split seconds and DPI figures are everything. Even teh grouchiest CS:S gamer will be happy with its performance.

The jury's still out on whether DPI really makes a huge difference, but the M60's adjustable polling rage, high tracking speed and low-friction PTFE pads make for a noticeably smooth experience. If you're still hung up on that DPI comment, it's 100 dots higher than the previous darling of the rodent world, Mad Catz's Cyborg R.A.T.7.

This is mouse that lots of clever people have sat and thought about for a long time - that much is evident in its eronomic design.

The sniper button fels well-placed enough that you'd actually use it, and the thumb rest blends perfectly into your mouse mat. Having spent some time using the M60, it turns out to be comfortable in all but the most improbable hand position, which is worth thinking about if you're such a pro that you've analysed your own grip. Show off.

You don't have to be Fatally to want adjustable weightin thoug, and that's not quite on the menu - although you can make it lighter by removing the ones present. It's clear that most of the money has been spent on its remarkable build quality, but it does mean that it loses ground to the similarly-priced R.A.T.5 here, which is adjustable by weight. For a debut, the Vengeance M60 mouse is incredible. It's hard to pick fault with it if you're a FPS gamer. Primarily, you want a comfortable mouse that doesn't have a ton of buttons you'll keep pressing accidently, and you'll want it at a fair price. Corsair ticks all those boxes with confidence.

The adjustable DPI and sniper button are useful additions in a layout that otherwise shows restraint, and it feels like it could survive a nuclear blast. It is missing out on adjustable weights and a free-rolling wheel, but the low price eases those concers considerably.

Vital Statistics
Price $69 approx.
Manufacturer Corsair
Sensor Laser
Max DPI 5,700
Tracking speed 4.2m/s
Polling rate Up to 1,000MHz

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