How to Create User Friendly Permalinks For Your Blogger Posts

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What are Permalinks?

Permalinks are the permanent links of a post page. In Blogger it automatically generates a permalinks based on the title of you give to the post. Permalinks provides information to the viewer about the content being pointed to.

As you read above that Permalinks are the permanent links, so that they create permanent links to the Blogger posts which are indexed by search engines such as Google. Then search engines use permalinks to categorise posts. Browsers use permalinks to help navigate to your posts. When you hover over a permalink in your browser you can read the post name in the status bar.

Permalink of this article is:

How to make Search Engine Friendly Permalinks in Blogger

While other blogging plateforms such as Wordpress allows the user to edit permalinks, but Blogger has no such feature. For this reason you have to be very careful while creating titles for your posts as the permalinks, once title generated then it can't be changed later. When your article is in drafts you can change the title as many times as your want. But, once it's published the permalinks assigned to it at that point then it can't be changed it remains the same no matters how many times you change the title of your post.

Blogger has one more important issue that it takes only the first 35-40 characters of your title to create permalink if you create longer title you can run into problems. My suggestion is that you design your titles carefully if you want to avoid losing the end characters from your permalink. For instance long title such as the one below would result in a shortened permalink which would lose the important fact that this post is related to working with Blogger:

Fortunately you can fix this problem. You will need to publish and then republish as I did with this post. It means that you publish your article with choosing 35-40 best characters and then republish it with your favorite one. This method involves creating a shorter title that will accurately summarise the content of your post (e.g Improved Permalinks for Blogger Posts) I choose these words to publish my post. Now for republishing i changed the title to "How to Create User Friendly Permalinks For Your Blogger Posts." Now the title is also very long as you can see mine is longer than 40 characters, but it doesn't matter now because the permalink, however remain the same even though the title has changed.

I hope you like this article by using the techniques you can create eye catching and memorable titles. Creating concise permalinks is important for Search Engine Optimisation.

I hope that this tutorial will helped you alot in "Improving Permalinks" for your blogger blogspot blog. To learn more about Blogger that How to Add Meta Tags to Blogger, Adjust Blogger Title Tags to Improve SEO, How to Submit Blog in directories, how to Add Categories Section, or how to Setup Feedburner follow the links.

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